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The Different Types of Landscape Retaining Walls

At Knight Lawn and Landscape Management, we install retaining walls to satisfy the presentation you want for your home. We specialize in timber, concrete, interlocking concrete block, cinder block, brick and stone retaining walls.

Timber retaining walls with a rough finish create a rustic look to your yard, while smooth timber can be used to obtain a more refined surface. This material is flexible and we can create your unique timber retaining wall to include different wood finishes in different colors.

Concrete retaining walls have long been a popular choice as they help manage runoff water and dirt from a building. They provide durability and strength and any damage they sustain is easily repaired. We complete these walls in decorated or painted finishes to create the look and feel you want for your home. The option to leave the surface free of paint or design provides an enduring and stately appearance.

Interlocking concrete block is yet another popular option for retaining walls and we can assemble this type of retaining wall in a wide variety of organic shapes and sizes to match your home and landscape. This option is available in a rough quarried finish in tones of red, tan and grey.

We also construct cinder block retaining walls and take advantage of the variety of blocks designs, styles, shapes, sizes and textures. With the variety of blocks used we are sure to provide you with the look and feel you desire to match your exterior landscape and home design.

Our retaining wall installation service includes the use of brick which can be designed to complement the brick external appearance of your home. Choosing this material for your landscape retaining wall adds considerable durability to the structure.

Another material we use for retaining walls is stone which gives a powerful looking presence to your landscape, and are especially appealing when set in a mountain terrain as they complement the surrounding area.

For landscape design in McKinney call Knight Lawn and Landscape Management for installation of your home or office landscape retaining wall built in the material of your choice. Contact us at (214) 585-9662.