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Irrigation Systems McKinney TX

Irrigation Installation & Repair

The purpose any irrigation system is to deliver supplemental water to your lawn and landscape in case natural rainfall is not sufficient to maintain a healthy landscape. The key word here is supplemental; there are many inefficient systems out there today that are not properly designed to conserve water and ensure the protection of your water quality. There are many brands and types of irrigation systems and it requires specialized training and years of expertise to make an informed decision about installation. Our lawn care experts know that there are some inefficient systems out there on the market. We help you select the irrigation or sprinkler system to fit your needs. One that is properly designed to conserve water and protect water quality.

A superior irrigation system should be…

  • designed in a manner that makes it efficient, and allows it to evenly distribute water over the targeted area.
  • installed according to the efficient design.
  • maintained to ensure that all components continue to function reliably.
  • managed to preserve a healthy and vigorous landscape, using as little water as possible.

When you’re choosing an irrigation specialist make sure they are licensed by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). With Knight Lawn and Landscape Management you can take comfort in the fact that we hold a license with the State of Texas (LI 19031).

Already have an irrigation system in need of repair or renovation?

Call Knight Lawn and Landscape Management to schedule a consultation today. With the ever changing technology in the irrigation industry, we can help you conserve water and save you money at the same time.

To take advantage of our irrigation services, give Knight Lawn and Landscape Management a call at (214) 585-9662.

Irrigation Systems