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Retaining Walls McKinney TX

Landscapers Build Walls to Protect Soil & Foundations

Retaining walls can serve many purposes, such as holding back saturated soil that could fall away from foundation or serving as picturesque sitting spots. Looking at beautiful landscaping and stonework, people don’t realize just how much work goes into building these walls. These walls are actually carefully engineered systems that are constantly at war with gravity. If these walls are built just a little off, part of your foundation could slide away and possibly damage plants.

Places to Have a Retaining Wall

  • Sloped landscapes where water runoff frequently causes hillside erosion
  • Spots downhill from soil fault lines
  • Downhill side of a foundation that’s losing supporting soil
  • Uphill side of a foundation under pressure from sliding soil

While many people believe building a retaining wall is simple, it is something that must be done by a professional. Our McKinney landscapers have the experience and tools you need to put up the perfect retaining wall. Whether you need a stone wall around your flowers at home, or you need to keep soil from sliding out from around the foundation of your commercial building, Knight does it all. We will consult with each customer to find the most efficient landscape solution.

Types of Retaining Walls

  • Timber: This material is good for smaller walls and is probably the most cost-effective material.
  • Interlocking Concrete Block: This type of wall is simple to assemble, and because units are small, they can curve and make different shapes. They also come in many different colors and textures to match your landscape.
  • Stone: While stone can be slightly more expensive, it gives your landscape a more sophisticated and rustic appeal.
  • Brick: Brick is great if the look is more formal or your house is brick.
  • Cinder Block: Cinder block is the most cost-efficient material and is easy to reinforce.
  • Concrete: While concrete isn’t necessarily attractive, it is the strongest material for a retaining wall and rarely fails.

If you would like our McKinney landscaping company to install a retaining wall for your home or business, contact us at (214) 585-9662.