Hardscape Installation

Installing a fire pit on your own, in your own backyard, can be troublesome and time-consuming. In addition, the effort and investments required to build a fire pit from scratch are considerable. Don’t wear out your back or spend too much cash on a fire pit. Instead, look for one installed by professional, upstanding landscapers. For instance, try Knight Lawn and Landscape Management‘s fire pit installation service.

Knight Lawn services many areas around the city of McKinney. With capable estimators and workers, Knight offers premium deals on many landscaping projects. Fire pits are only one of the many services this time-honored company provides. Why bother with tedious and uncomfortable landscaping yourself, when you can simply call Knight Landscaping and have it done for you in a matter of days?

Landscape installation in McKinney can be a dicey process, but not with Knight. With Knight you’ll find all of your projects completed speedily and effectively. Simply look for various reviews of the company to see the exceptional service provided. When it comes to clearing the space and installing your fire pit, no one does it faster or better than Knight Landscaping.

Fire pits can be unstable if installed improperly. Few landscaping service companies in the McKinney area can be counted on to keep your yard intact during installation. Knight Landscaping can be relied on to keep your property in one piece during installation and after.

Furthermore, a functional fire pit can be used for over a decade before it wears out or fills with dirt, sand or ash. You will receive years and years of functionality and entertainment from your outdoor fireplace, and in addition, Knight will be happy to repair your fire pit if it is falling in or degrading.

Knight Landscaping will line your fire pit with your choice of stone or fire-retardant material. Diameter, depth and location are all at your discretion. Your convenience and affordable lawn care are the highest priority of Knight Landscaping. If you need a fire pit installation done, call Knight Landscaping at the first opportunity at 214-585-9669.

New construction on your home or property is often a daunting task, and many homeowners are pleased when it is finished. Although you may feel initial relief at the thought that your large project is done, a quick glance around your yard may have you realizing that your current landscape now looks a bit shabby in comparison with your beautiful new building. If you feel panic at the thought of having to undergo another renovation, don’t be worried. We at Knight Lawn and Landscape Management are professionals when it comes to giving your lawn a makeover. A consultation with us will leave you feeling relieved that you are getting the yard you want without having to do the work yourself.

When you receive a landscape consultation with us, you can be assured that you will receive the very best personal service. We will discuss your wants and needs and will also take a look at what would work best when incorporating the look of the new construction on your home. When you upgrade your lawn landscape after new construction, you likely want a look that complements your construction, not detracts from it. Our landscaping service professionals will help you design something that brings out the beauty in both your home and your lawn.

Landscape installation in McKinney requires that we find the ideal plants, flowers, and shrubbery to complement your yard and house. We always take into consideration the climate and temperament of the area, and if there is something specific you have in mind we can advise you whether or not it will grow well in this area.

Before we settle on a final landscaping design we always make sure that it fits into your budget. This way you can be assured that you are getting a great new look at an affordable price. If you are in the midst of a construction project or you just completed a renovation, give Knight Lawn and Landscape Management a call today at 214-585-9669 and schedule a consultation. We will give your lawn a makeover you won’t regret!

Effective landscape design in McKinney isn’t all about plants, trees, lawns and sprinkler systems. Just as the interior of a home or business needs focal points to add a distinctive style to the space, exterior landscape design benefits from hardscape features that capture attention as well. Whether it’s a brick patio, a stone wall or a cement planter, hardscaping creates attractive focal points that engage the eye and complement the surrounding plants, lawns and flowers. Knight Lawn and Landscape Management professional landscapers are adept at installing hardscape features that will enhance the landscape design of your home or business.

Naturally, hardscapes serve a functional purposes too. A backyard patio creates an outdoor living space that encourages friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors. Patios offer easy maintenance too. They’re easier to care for than lawns and help reduce water bills. Planter borders not only add visual interest by defining flower beds but also keep encroaching plants at bay. Retaining walls may enhance the landscape’s design by varying the elevation of the garden, but they have essential, functional roles to play as well.

For hardscape features that add maximum functionality as well as stylish focal points to outdoor living spaces, it’s hard to match custom-installed fire pits. A wood-burning, propane or natural gas fire pit is ideal for outdoor cookouts and provides warmth for evening social gatherings too. The right fire pit can become the centerpiece of the landscape’s design.

When it comes to hardscaping installations, quality is the key to a long-lasting, effective design. It’s important to use the bests materials and to ensure that they’re installed with skilled craftsmanship. Knight Lawn and Landscape Management has the expertise and experience necessary for quality McKinney TX hardscape installations. Contact us today at 214-585-9669 to learn more about how hardscaping features can enhance the style and functionality of your home or business.

You may have a lawn, but that wide expanse of greenery can be landscaped to both improve the look of your lot and the value of your home. We at Knight Lawn & Landscape Management provide landscape architecture service in McKinney TX for those who want a more beautiful home site. Let our team for for you to create the lawn of your dreams.

McKinney TX landscape design is not the same as it would be in other parts of the United States. The climate of north Texas must be taken into account when choosing the flowers, shrubs, and trees to plant. The wrong plants for the area will not last for a year, getting quickly killed either in the 100-degree summer days or during the winter freezes. Our professional landscapers know which plants work best in McKinney, and they use these to create the living backdrop for your home. Keep in mind that a particular plant you saw up north may not survive in your Texas landscape borders beds. Talk to the landscape planners about what you want to see and what will last in the extremes of north Texas weather.

The exterior of your home does not only encompass the green landscaping. Architectural structures like pergolas and arbors used for supports for vines or other climbing plants create a room outside. These may be used to define borders or pathways in your landscape. To complete the package our professional designers can incorporate a covered patio or deck into your landscape. When our installation crews come on site, they can add the landscape lighting, patio covers, or do the deck installation you need.

Don’t leave your lawn to be a flat lot of green grass. Let us help you with your landscape design and lawn care. Call us at Knight Lawn & Landscape Management at 214-585-9669.

Lawn care is a year round process. Your McKinney TX lawn care and landscaping service, Knight Lawn and Landscape Management, work to keep your property beautiful through turf maintenance, landscape installation, irrigation repair, and exterior hardscapes to name a few. Knight Lawn is the premier full-service landscaping and lawn care company in McKinney.

Lawn Design & Maintenance

The lawn care professionals at Knight Lawn offer packages serving residential and commercial customers. A lawn care maintenance plan can be developed to determine a lawn’s exact needs and begin cultivating a beautiful lawn. Lawn care services include but are not limited to:

  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Residential Lawn Care
  • Commercial Lawn Care

Seasonal Landscaping

Landscape design does not have to be limited to the early spring or summer months. Landscape installation and design can happen year round, especially in the southern states and climates. Invest in our professional landscaping service and give your lawn a landscape lift. Our landscape process includes:

  • Personal Consultation
  • Budget Determination
  • Expectation Explanation
  • Landscape Design & Installation
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Outdoor Living & Irrigation

Knight Lawn and Landscape Management also provide irrigation installation and repair as well as hardscape installation. Irrigation repair or renovation from the expert lawn care service in McKinney ensures your irrigation is installed correctly and each component is reliable in function. Knight Lawn is licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and offer peace of mind when it involves your sprinkler system.

Hardscape installation adds luxury and functionality to any outdoor environment. Through retaining walls, patios, fire pits, and planter borders a back or front yard will be immediately enhanced. Knight Lawn can design, install, manage, and maintain your outdoor environment hardscape.

Spring is just around the corner and the time to prep your lawn is now. Call Knight Lawn and Landscape Management for seasonal landscape, lawn care, irrigation repair, and hardscape installation at 214-585-9669 or visit them online.