Commercial LandscapingAs a business owner in McKinney, you know first impressions are important to making sales. Your lawn is often the first thing that potential clients and customers notice about your business, so making sure it always looks its best is key to developing a positive first impression. Knight Lawn and Landscaping can help your business make the greatest first impression with their landscaping installation services.

Landscaping is so much more than a perfectly manicured lawn. More often than not, people remember a building’s beautiful landscaping because of its combination of lawn care, plant design, and hardscapes. Knight Lawn and Landscape specializes in commercial landscaping for McKinney, TX, businesses, and offers several services to boost building appearances. In fact, our company offers a total management solution, which means you’ll never have to hire someone else for service—our team does it all!

At Knight Lawn and Landscape, we understand how important customer relationships are to your business. Many of our clients have been with us for over 15 years, commending our team on our ability to provide quality services at affordable prices to McKinney business owners. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and we don’t consider a job complete until you’re happy with what we’ve done. In fact, our attention to detail and our outstanding customer service are what our clients love most about us. You can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time.

Our McKinney landscaping management team would be proud to serve your business. If the exterior of your building needs a face lift  give our team a call! We’re qualified to perform a range of commercial services, including weed control, landscape installation (like pathways or retaining walls), fertilization, and irrigation repair. For more information on how Knight Lawn and Landscape can beautify your business, call our offices today at 214-585-9669 or fill our online service request form.

McKinney Lawn MaintenanceYour home’s lawn and landscaping is one of the most essential parts to maintaining a beautiful home. Knight Lawn and Landscape Management will do all that they can to make certain that your yard flourishes throughout the year. We are the premier landscaping company in McKinney. Our professional team continues to service yards throughout the area, and we continue to receive high praise and returning customers year after year.

Our lawn care services are just what you need to make your yard immaculate. Our team will manage all of the care for your yard, so you do not have to do it. We offer a variety of different lawn care options for a variety of different budgets. Besides offering the proper maintenance on your lawn, we also provide high quality mowing, trimming and edging. We are highly committed to providing the best work and products to control weeds, fertilize your yard and protect your property from grubs and other insects. Our lawn maintenance schedule will be done to fit your needs, and we also offer shrub trimming. We do so much more than the average lawn company, and that is the primary reason why we continue to thrive in our field.

Besides our extraordinary lawn care and maintenance services, we also offer amazing opportunities to transform the hardscapes around your home. Each one of our highly trained professionals can help you to create the hardscape that you have always dreamed of. We can create beautiful fire pits, retaining walls and patios. If you have a vision, we can bring it to reality. We also offer each customer a customized plan that we can create for you. Our company specializes in the installation, repair, and servicing of irrigation systems as well.

The best way to improve your yard and create an amazing outdoor space is by contacting us today. We are ready to help you make all of your dreams come true. Call us today at 214-585-9669, and let Knight Lawn and Landscape Management be your authority on lawn, landscape, irrigation, and hardscape services.

Lawn Irrigation
As a home or business owner in the McKinney, TX community, you know that there is no second chance to make a first impression to the visitors of your home or business. A drab, brown, dying lawn is not the way to greet your friends, family, customers, or partners. Our professional irrigation installations at Knight Lawn and Landscape achieve an ideal lawn that is healthy and attractive without you needing to constantly fuss with troublesome hoses or other lawn watering devices. Consider these benefits to professional irrigation for your lawn.

Water Savings
Sprinklers and garden hoses are inefficient and can waste a significant amount of water. In some cases, areas of your property may get too much water which then drains off and is wasted, while other areas may not receive enough water. An automatic irrigating system prevents over-watering and under-watering so that your grass gets an even amount of moisture and no water is wasted. Your sanitary water bills should decrease after the installation of a professional system for irrigation of your property.

Time Savings
Depending on the size of your property, keeping it watered on a daily basis could take an hour or even longer if you are using sprinklers or a garden hose. You may not even have a large enough garden hose to do the job. Our professional irrigating systems save your time by coming on and shutting off automatically without you doing a thing. You can always change the settings for your system to account for rainy periods or water restriction periods. With the time that you save, you can spend more of your time doing the things you enjoy or growing your business.

At Knight Lawn and Landscape Management, we offer professional irrigation systems, hardscape, landscape, and lawn maintenance services throughout the McKinney, TX area. As your lawn care company in McKinney, we take pride in having built a strong reputation for the best in class lawn services and products for your home or business needs. Call us today at 214-585-9669 for more information about irrigation systems or our other lawn care services.

Landscape Installation McKinneyAt Knight Lawn and Landscape Management, we install retaining walls to satisfy the presentation you want for your home. We specialize in timber, concrete, interlocking concrete block, cinder block, brick and stone retaining walls.

Timber retaining walls with a rough finish create a rustic look to your yard, while smooth timber can be used to obtain a more refined surface. This material is flexible and we can create your unique timber retaining wall to include different wood finishes in different colors.

Concrete retaining walls have long been a popular choice as they help manage runoff water and dirt from a building. They provide durability and strength and any damage they sustain is easily repaired. We complete these walls in decorated or painted finishes to create the look and feel you want for your home. The option to leave the surface free of paint or design provides an enduring and stately appearance.

Interlocking concrete block is yet another popular option for retaining walls and we can assemble this type of retaining wall in a wide variety of organic shapes and sizes to match your home and landscape. This option is available in a rough quarried finish in tones of red, tan and grey.

We also construct cinder block retaining walls and take advantage of the variety of blocks designs, styles, shapes, sizes and textures. With the variety of blocks used we are sure to provide you with the look and feel you desire to match your exterior landscape and home design.

Our retaining wall installation service includes the use of brick which can be designed to complement the brick external appearance of your home. Choosing this material for your landscape retaining wall adds considerable durability to the structure.

Another material we use for retaining walls is stone which gives a powerful looking presence to your landscape, and are especially appealing when set in a mountain terrain as they complement the surrounding area.

For landscape design in McKinney call Knight Lawn and Landscape Management for installation of your home or office landscape retaining wall built in the material of your choice. Contact us at 214-585-9669.

Installing a fire pit on your own, in your own backyard, can be troublesome and time-consuming. In addition, the effort and investments required to build a fire pit from scratch are considerable. Don’t wear out your back or spend too much cash on a fire pit. Instead, look for one installed by professional, upstanding landscapers. For instance, try Knight Lawn and Landscape Management‘s fire pit installation service.

Knight Lawn services many areas around the city of McKinney. With capable estimators and workers, Knight offers premium deals on many landscaping projects. Fire pits are only one of the many services this time-honored company provides. Why bother with tedious and uncomfortable landscaping yourself, when you can simply call Knight Landscaping and have it done for you in a matter of days?

Landscape installation in McKinney can be a dicey process, but not with Knight. With Knight you’ll find all of your projects completed speedily and effectively. Simply look for various reviews of the company to see the exceptional service provided. When it comes to clearing the space and installing your fire pit, no one does it faster or better than Knight Landscaping.

Fire pits can be unstable if installed improperly. Few landscaping service companies in the McKinney area can be counted on to keep your yard intact during installation. Knight Landscaping can be relied on to keep your property in one piece during installation and after.

Furthermore, a functional fire pit can be used for over a decade before it wears out or fills with dirt, sand or ash. You will receive years and years of functionality and entertainment from your outdoor fireplace, and in addition, Knight will be happy to repair your fire pit if it is falling in or degrading.

Knight Landscaping will line your fire pit with your choice of stone or fire-retardant material. Diameter, depth and location are all at your discretion. Your convenience and affordable lawn care are the highest priority of Knight Landscaping. If you need a fire pit installation done, call Knight Landscaping at the first opportunity at 214-585-9669.

As the owner of a commercial property, you have an image to uphold in the McKinney community. Our commercial landscape services benefit you buy improving the look and value of your property and taking the task of maintaining the lawns, lighting and hardscape off of your hands so that you can concentrate on managing your business. When you need commercial landscape installation in McKinney, our team at Knight Lawn and Landscape Management has the skills, expertise and equipment to get the job done.

Our Commercial Services
Whether your business is a non-profit or for-profit, large or small, first impressions are important. Our landscaping specialists at Knight Lawn and Landscape Management help you create a memorable impression on all of your clients and guests by creating a visually pleasing outdoor environment around your building. From lush lawns to healthy trees and shrubs and easy to navigate walkways, our landscaping experts work with you to design and create an ideal commercial landscape for your business. We offer customized landscaping plans that begin with design and continue with regular maintenance of your property so that your business’ first impression is always at its best.

About Knight Lawn and Landscape Management
Our landscaping service professionals at Knight Lawn and Landscape Management are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Whether you need a one-time service for your business or are seeking a long-term landscaping management company, we have the solution for your needs. From weed control to irrigation system repair, our seasoned professionals take the time to get to know your business’ needs, no matter how big or small. When you are ready to install landscaping at your business, we look forward to assisting you.

At Knight Lawn and Landscape Management, we are the McKinney experts on all types of residential and commercial landscaping, irrigation, lawn and hardscape services. Whether you have a small commercial property or many acres that require commercial landscape services, leave it to our landscaping experts to create a beautiful and welcoming environment for your clients and visitors. Contact us today at 214-585-9669 to schedule your appointment with our landscaping specialists and designers.

Different types of outdoor lights, including flood, garden, well, fountain and landscape lights, can help to highlight your yard. If you want to show off your well-planned or intricately-designed landscape plan, outdoor lights can help you to highlight your lawn or backyard. They can also showcase your pond, patio, flowers or plants or other design features. If you need help installing outdoor lighting or need other landscaping, hardscaping or irrigation services, you should call a professional so the job is done correctly. In McKinney, Texas, Knight Lawn and Landscape Management does the landscaping work for people who want to have beautiful lawns or hardscapes. Our company also helps them to maintain and irrigate their lawns. If you want a professional landscape design in McKinney, outdoor lights that emphasize your landscape or a well-built structure for your yard, you should consider our company for your landscaping needs.

Putting in outdoor lights, designing a landscape or hardscape and maintaining your lawn can often be difficult and time-consuming task. You need to have an understanding of lighting, landscaping and lawn maintenance to be able to properly put in, construct or take care of your landscapes or features. To be able to have the type of outdoor lights, landscape or hardscape you want, it is important that you have a setup that supports them. Our company has built a solid reputation because our landscapers have a wealth or knowledge and experience. They come into your home or business and work with you to give you the type of landscaping design or features that works best with your lawn. They are also ready to install a walkway, patio or other hardscape that adds sophistication to your home or business.

Our company is a family-owned landscaping business that is committed to serving the vast needs of our customers. We know that you don’t want to have to go to different companies for landscape or hardscape installation or maintenance. You don’t have when you work with our company because our landscapers are fully prepared to take care of any landscaping or hardscaping task, including a major job such as the planning and installation of a new landscape or a task as minor as installing landscape lighting on your lawn. When you need a service such as shrub trimming or lawn irrigation or fertilization, you can also come to us. We want to make sure you feel pride about the exterior landscape of your home or business.

Knight Lawn and Landscape Management involves you in every step of the planning process so that you get the type of landscape or hardscape installation or maintenance service you want. Our company is open year-round so that we can help our customers with their beautification projects, no matter what the season. You can reach us at 214-585-9669, or contact us online today.

Your home is your most important asset, and there’s no better way to display its wealth, beauty and aesthetic appeal than by hiring a trusted landscaping company. There are many reasons why homeowners choose to have their outdoor spaces landscaped, but the greatest advantage is the positive effect it has on the home’s exterior. It raises the home’s property value, adds to its curb appeal and creates a warm and welcoming environment. At Knight Lawn and Landscape Management, we have innovative tools and installation techniques that make our landscape design in McKinney simply the best.

Focusing your efforts on your outdoor space carries both functional and aesthetic benefits. A backyard space that is well cared for and packed with today’s modern amenities serves as a gathering space for family and friends. A landscaping company can help with these efforts by suggesting retaining walls that are perfect for creating separation along patios and prevents rock and dirt from moving downward.

Landscaping service companies also rely on planter borders for adding character and color. The greatest asset to these borders is that they leave room for creativity. Line them along patio pavers for a grand entrance or position them around trees and shrubs for a boost in color. It’s these simple tactics that, when carefully planned, will make your home stand apart from the next. Of course, not everything in the backyard needs to be just for looks. Fire pits are perfect for those who love late-night gatherings and the chance to roast marshmallows, host summer cookouts and smell the aroma of freshly burning logs.

Naturally, you want only the best for your exterior landscape. That is why only reputable companies should be trusted for the management of your lawn, whether you’re having the lawn mowed weekly or starting from a black canvas. At Knight Lawn and Landscape Management, we use only the finest materials and time-tested installation techniques that ensure the quality, performance and longevity of our products. Call us today at 214-585-9669 to learn more about our landscaping design techniques.

New construction on your home or property is often a daunting task, and many homeowners are pleased when it is finished. Although you may feel initial relief at the thought that your large project is done, a quick glance around your yard may have you realizing that your current landscape now looks a bit shabby in comparison with your beautiful new building. If you feel panic at the thought of having to undergo another renovation, don’t be worried. We at Knight Lawn and Landscape Management are professionals when it comes to giving your lawn a makeover. A consultation with us will leave you feeling relieved that you are getting the yard you want without having to do the work yourself.

When you receive a landscape consultation with us, you can be assured that you will receive the very best personal service. We will discuss your wants and needs and will also take a look at what would work best when incorporating the look of the new construction on your home. When you upgrade your lawn landscape after new construction, you likely want a look that complements your construction, not detracts from it. Our landscaping service professionals will help you design something that brings out the beauty in both your home and your lawn.

Landscape installation in McKinney requires that we find the ideal plants, flowers, and shrubbery to complement your yard and house. We always take into consideration the climate and temperament of the area, and if there is something specific you have in mind we can advise you whether or not it will grow well in this area.

Before we settle on a final landscaping design we always make sure that it fits into your budget. This way you can be assured that you are getting a great new look at an affordable price. If you are in the midst of a construction project or you just completed a renovation, give Knight Lawn and Landscape Management a call today at 214-585-9669 and schedule a consultation. We will give your lawn a makeover you won’t regret!

Effective landscape design in McKinney isn’t all about plants, trees, lawns and sprinkler systems. Just as the interior of a home or business needs focal points to add a distinctive style to the space, exterior landscape design benefits from hardscape features that capture attention as well. Whether it’s a brick patio, a stone wall or a cement planter, hardscaping creates attractive focal points that engage the eye and complement the surrounding plants, lawns and flowers. Knight Lawn and Landscape Management professional landscapers are adept at installing hardscape features that will enhance the landscape design of your home or business.

Naturally, hardscapes serve a functional purposes too. A backyard patio creates an outdoor living space that encourages friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors. Patios offer easy maintenance too. They’re easier to care for than lawns and help reduce water bills. Planter borders not only add visual interest by defining flower beds but also keep encroaching plants at bay. Retaining walls may enhance the landscape’s design by varying the elevation of the garden, but they have essential, functional roles to play as well.

For hardscape features that add maximum functionality as well as stylish focal points to outdoor living spaces, it’s hard to match custom-installed fire pits. A wood-burning, propane or natural gas fire pit is ideal for outdoor cookouts and provides warmth for evening social gatherings too. The right fire pit can become the centerpiece of the landscape’s design.

When it comes to hardscaping installations, quality is the key to a long-lasting, effective design. It’s important to use the bests materials and to ensure that they’re installed with skilled craftsmanship. Knight Lawn and Landscape Management has the expertise and experience necessary for quality McKinney TX hardscape installations. Contact us today at 214-585-9669 to learn more about how hardscaping features can enhance the style and functionality of your home or business.